Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Day

Today was a great day!! :D I ran my first time with the cross country team, and guess what I did not die!! Yay! (jump for joy) after I went with my cute friend madi home and we played tennis... hmm well we tried! The boy that makes my heart melt lives over there kind of by the tennis courts too! Let hope he didnt see anything!! :D I learned a few things today that I think I need to share with you!!
1. The boy that makes my heart melt can run!! (like really fast)
2. When running if you cant breath suck it up and keep going1
3. Madi loves sugar (of all kinds! She can eat like 20 crepes if you let her)
4. I'm blessed with a lot of people in my life that love me!
5. There are lots and lots of very cute people on cross country!
:D Lifes good right now!! :D

Loves! Lizzy

Sunday, May 30, 2010


When I get bored I like to look at wedding dresses!! :D I also love to read the story about how the boy asked the question and there are some really cute storys!! :D No I'm not getting married if thats what your wondering but I did put together a little pictures of what i would like at my wedding! My colors would be pink and yellow and maybe some blue here and there!! :D I would love to get married in either the salt lake temple or timp temple! The role of the groom I would like to be played by boy that makes my heart melt. And as you can see in the picture that is the weddding dress I love at the moment and I love that cute little vell thing that looks like tool but it reminds me of something in the 40's!! Love it!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Being on stage gives me such a great feeling!! :D I dont really know what it is or how to discribe it, you just feel really great about your self! I love the feeling of the lights hitting your face and how you can feel that twink in your eye! When I'm dancing on stage or really doing anything I love the way it feel i just feel like if I can do what I'm doing in front of lots of people I can do anything! I really cant explain this wonderful feeling you will just have to find it out for yourself! I love to be on stage wither I'm dancing, singing, or acting! I just love it all!! :D I really love dance! I have danced for 10 years and now I'm taking a break and I really miss it, like lots!! But not worry this up coming schools musical has lots and lots of amazing dance! We will be preforming white christmas! Ms.T told us that the cast number is undesided yet.So.. I'm hoping that means she will let anyone in who can dance or sing!! Witch I can do both singing is not my strongest but dancing is! I dont even care if i get a tiny part just being in one of those amazing dance number would be so amazing so lets hope!! :D

xoxo, Lizzy

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I was never blessed with the beautiful smile! I had to have braces for like 3 years before I my teeth were amazing!!(even now they arent the best) :D But I do know someone who was blessed with this AMAZiNG smile!! Can you guess who it is that is blessed with an amazing smile?? If you guess the boy you totally got it! The boy needs a name when I'm blogging so when I refer to heart melting boy I'm talking about "the boy." So heart melting boy has a great smile! Its really big and very white! :D Oh every time he opens his mouth and smiles or even talk he makes my heart melt, hences the name!I know I say that about like every boy but no its totally true! Well I get that cute warm fuzzy feeling inside and I love!! :D A few friends and I were talking one day and I was telling them about how if we had kids they would be super cute they would have Blondie curly hair and one better have the cute dimple he has if they don't I will be sad but I would get over it and then finally they would have some amazing big smiles! :D

Loves! Lizzy

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Goal Accomplished

YES! Do you guys remember my goal from a few blogs ago? Well guess what it happened!! :D :D Yup, that's right Lizzy Brown did talk to the boy of her dreams!! YAY! I know its a very exciting. Here's the story..

I gave my friend some of the food I was eating and he turns around and ask for some but Madi told him to ask me then I hear "Lizzy can I have one" "OH OF COURSE YOU CAN" Yes my dream comes true I talk to him!! :D I was very proud of myself!! Good job to ME! Then he asked a question about Advanced Ladies so I answered it for him!! :D I was very proud of myself. (Ps I knew he likes food so that's why i brought it, but what man doesn't like food:D )

This is whats going to happen next hes going to give me a flower and then we will get married and have some cute kids and live happily ever after!! The end! ha ha!!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bubble Baths

Want me to let you in on a little secret of mine?? Was your answer yes? Good I will tell you!! :D One of the most relaxing thing in a girls life (according to me) is bubble baths!! Yummy!! :D I love them so much, almost as much as I love cute boys, almost but not as much. Thats telling you something right there I love bubble baths almost as much as I love cute boys. Thats a lot of love right there!

A good bubble bath on a really stressful day with some fun amazing music playing in the background with lots of bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles!! :D If your having a crazy day I dare you to try it DARE YOU!! You will feel lots better. I use to be a fan of taking a good booking in with me but when i dropped it in, I never brought another one back in! :D I thought I would let some of you who read my blog in on my little secret of relieving stress, that's why I'm such a happy person most the time I love taking bubble baths and they make you happy! I promise!

xoxox Lizzy

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's official

Yup, it's official I am so stupid!! Don't you dare try and tell me I'm not because I am very stupid. So I might not be stupid but I am really not a very smart person! This happens every time!! Ever time I like a boy I do something stupid or say something that i really wish I hadn't. I really would like to no give away that I like this "new boy" I mean yes all the others found out and they still talk to me. But for once in my life I would like for a boy not to find out and I just have a little crush. NOPE not with me! I also have to pull a dumb move! Like today I really want to talk to him, you know get to know him, become his friend so I didn't do it today! I got scared!! I know I'm stupid!! :P One of my friends sisters walked over there to talk to him and his friends but I got scard and ran away well I finally walk over and he leaves. Yup it's true he just walks away!I think he might be figuring it out that I like him, because I act all weird and nervous around him, I really would like to keep this one a secret! I really don't want him to find out, but knowing me I'm going to say something stupid or do something to give it away.
xoxo Lizzy

Monday, May 3, 2010

Confession Time

I have a confession. I really cant believe I'm saying this and I know whoever is reading this is not going to believe this either. (that is if you know me)

Confession time.....
I'm really scared to talk to this super super cute boy that I was talking about in the past posts!! I'm scared to talk to him. Weird I know!! I know what your thinking right now.. Lizzy afraid to talk to a guy NO!! But yes, I am. I really don't know why! I mean I talk to boys all the time. I flirt with guys all the time. I really don't know what is so different with this boy.

I really don't know whats going on with me right now! ha ha! But its not that i don't want to talk to him. I so do I mean I don't want to sit and stare at him, wheres that going to get me! hahaha! I don't see anything coming out of that beside him getting really freaked out.

I asked one of my good friends if she would some how get me in a conversation with him. She is really good friends with him and she said so would love to do that for me! So I will keep you posted on what happens! :D

Loves, Lizzy

Saturday, May 1, 2010


GOOD NEW!!! :D And guess what this good new has NOTHING to do with a really cute boy!! :D I know you are all so happy!! My 2 really good friends and I auditioned for the advanced choirs a few days ago.

I really didn't think I was going to make it in! Mine went really bad, and I didn't think he thought I wad totally comitted because of a few things I was talking about. But I knew my cute friend Jana was going to make it in! Yesterday he had the Seniors in choir take everyone who auditioned a letter.

Jana and I opened are at the same time and tell you the truth there were some many words I was only looking for the two words Advanced Ladies. I sow them right there, they were looking at me.

Jana got in I got in and so did cute crazy Melissa!! YA!! I'm SO excited!! I'm an Advanced Lady!! We all are!! See we weren't going to try out but then we did and I'm glad we did!! We got in!! :D I'm so happy!!

We most have re mined each other last night about 50 times!! :D Oh I'm so excited!! Do you know what this means?? The beautiful dress more advanced songs we get to go on TOUR!! Yay I'm SO excited!!

So glad my friends kind of forced to into auditioning! Thanks I love you guys!! :D

xoxo Lizzy