Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Little Advice

If I could give people a little advice about the things I have learned it would be something like this:

1. Don't over stay your visit-You know when your not welcome anymore. So just leave it will only make things a whole lot worst if you stay around when you're not wanted. 

2. Don't say things to hurt peoples feelings.- You will look back and feel so much guilt it will eat you alive. Just be nice to everyone.

3. Don't stop working out if thats all you did this summer- you will gain every last pound you worked so hard to lose if you just stop cold turkey. Just don't do it.

4.It's okay to go to bed before everyone you live with does- Sleep is good, really good, and not having enough sleep turns you into something you don't want to become. So you can leave the little living room party and go to bed.

5. College relationships are different- These relationships are as weird as weird can be. You can get totally lead on by someone for weeks and think they are the one, and the next day they don't even remember who you are. Yes, it happens don't doubt it.

There is a little Lizzy Brown advice do what you will with it.

Confessions of the one and only College Lizzy Brown: I would take pills the rest of my life if that means I can be healthy and never get a staph infections again. :) I would even get a shot once a week. 

P.s. I got a calling in church and I got just what I wanted too. :) 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Halloween

Did you miss me fellow bloggers?

Halloween is just around the corner and everyone knows its my favorite holiday of the year! What will I, Lizzy Brown, be doing to celebrate this holiday you ask.


You can't trick or treat in college. It's not socially acceptable anymore says my roommates boyfriend ( like he knows.) So I'll probably dance around Apartment 46 in my Marilyn dress reminiscing on the past Halloweens I've had. :)

Good thing last friday I got to go to the Party called The Scream hosted by my favorite school in Utah SUU. That party was super super fun. So I got a little halloween love there! And I had the best costume ever. Marilyn Monroe I just felt super pretty and girly which I haven't felt that way in a long time.

Lizzy Marilynn Monroe 

Other college news I should fill you in on:

1. Roommate got baptized on Saturday. Such a great day filled with the spirt
2. My O-Leader interview is Monday. Say a prayer for me. Please. :)
3. Still single. (I'm Feeling bad for those people who took bets on me being the first one married)
4. Hurt my knee really bad. Oh yeah and my staph infection came back. Yippy..
5. I'm still SOO in love with this beautiful school I go to. I highly recommend everyone to come down and just take a tour of SUU. You will fall in love with it.

Confession of Lizzy Brown: I strongly believe people come back into your life for a reason. The reason is just so unsure at times. I really just want to be everyones friend i've done wrong to.