Monday, February 22, 2010

Purple Hair

Very funny story you should really read this one. ( I know my other storys can be kind of lame, sorry)

Today I went into the cute lady that does my hair. I told her I wanted to put strawberry blonde in. " Oh I can do that" she says. Shes starts mixing the colors and ripping the tin foil. She she put all the color in my hair and told me to wait around for 30 min.

So I did.

30 min later......
She starts to take the frist foil, I watched her face go kind of funny like something was wrong. My stomic instalty turned upside down, I had the feeling like inwanted to throw-up. I asked what was wrong. " well, hmm" she started to put more foils out.

Then I finally sow what the face and well, hmm was for.

MY HAIR WAS PURPLE, AND MY ROOTS WHERE RED!!! I almosted started to cry. My hair was purple and my root were red. Like dark red!! I could go to school looking like that. I wanted to cry.. I kind of did too!!

She told me to calm down and she can fix it. I believed her (did I have any other choice?) So she washed it and put some stuff in it and it went back kinda. Its still really red, but it doesnt look so bad.

so to end the story, I had purple hair with red roots today! But I do like it now, after the washes and the cut! Dont you just love the feeling when you get your hair cut? Light, softed, fun! Love hair cuts!!

Love- lizzy

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Elle Woods/ Becky Bloomwood

So we all have seen the wonderful movie Legally Blonde right?? (if not i highly recomend it, great chick flick) So I got told today that I have an Elle Woods life!! Gah!! :D I love it, I dont know if i should have taken it as a insault or a completment.... I totally took it as a complement!! :D

So I thought about it and guess what I really do have an Elle Woods life!! :D I have the pink labtop, and the pink room!and I love to shop! I also kind of have a Becky Bloomwood kind of life too!! I LOVE to shop!! The store windows really do talk to me just like that movie!! NO JOKE!! I will walk by and say "I'm not going to go in there! I'm so not going in that store." Gah i see the super cute things in the window and guess what I'm the next one in line buying something from that store! haha

So I must say I really do love my Elle Woods/ Becky Bloomwood life!! I dont want to change it for anything!! Its the best life.. well i think! So lets just hope I make a lot of money or I marry someone with money if not I will be doomed!! I love to shop and I'm just a total girly girl!! :D

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Wizard of oz is over!! Their is some happy and sad to this! Happy because I can do something after school now, like homework (YAY toally just kinding) But sad because of all the great people in that play now I dont get to see everyday!! We pretty much all lived together. we would have practice till like midnight then go home and sleep for a few hour. Then the next day we would all be back together agian and this system repeats>!!! :D

I'm in new play right now and its in the same place we practice Annie Get Your Gun in. OOH the memorys come flooding back! :D I that building has a lot of wonderful memorys!! The Jane Austin memory (that ones my favoirte) and much more!The re use parts of the stage from Annie and from Wizard!! So I think its kinda cool!! But me and Jana will walk around find something and we are like "ahhhh look we used that in Wizard or Annie" Oh man!

I really do love my crazy life!! I dont think I would change it! So many great memorys!!