Monday, August 3, 2009


WOW!!! I haven't blogged for a really really long time sorry about that!! I'm going to try a lot harder to blog at least once a week!! (Poss sh who am i kin ding let make it every 2 weeks or something) Well I have discovered something about myself that i thought i would share! As you get to know me a lot better you will discover i always have a *thing* as my Friend Katelyn says! I'm always obsessing over something and if I'm not I'm either really sick or some has taken over my body and its not me inside!! When I was little the first movie i ever sow in the movie theatre was Harry Potter the first one!! So i was about 7 or 8 till i was about 10 I loved loved loved that show i thought i was Hermione but we all know i wasn't! :( It would be really cool to be her!! Then in 6th grade i was in love with HSM!! 8th i obsessed over Charlie Brown i Love them well i have always love that show but they did a musical at the high school and it made me like it even more!! And now here I am almost going into 9th grade (Woot Woot) and I'm in love with HARRY POTTER agian!!! :D But I'm not in love with him no I'm in love with Ron!! Oh Ron he is just the cutest thing ever!! I want to marry him!! I just stared reading the books and oh Ron Marry me!! Well that's just a little think i thought i would share with everyone!!!
<3 Lizzy

Saturday, May 30, 2009

School is out

School is out!!! It can be a good thing and a bad thing! The good part of it is NO HOMEWORK or stupid projects. We don't have to wake up to early to get ready for the day, we can sleep in!! :) The bad part about school being out is I wont get to see my friends!! I'm going to miss you guys sooo much!!! Its not even really the first day of summer vacation yet and I already miss you guys!!! So this summer if you get a call from me and all I want to do is talk because I'm bored please just talk to me for at least 5 min or so!!