Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Update on Forgetting About The Boy

So there is kind of like this other boy.... That I kind of like, ok dont like LOVE! I'm totally and complety in love with this boy.I have fallen, I have fallen so hard I hit my head and now I cant get up.

I know what your thinking "shes crazy or here we go again"
maybe I am but who cares!

Tell the truth he is really really cute. Not like the other boy. Blonde curly hair oh man he also has one of the cutest smiles in the world! My heart kind of melts like butter on hot toast when he smiles!!

He really looks kind of like Mr. Shoe from Glee!! Whom is also very very cute!! my heart also melts like butter on hot toast when he smiles too! They are both some really cute boys!!

Plan forget about the boy have been, Complete! haha

Love, L

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not my day

lunch today.... wow! That's all I have to say is WOW!! So I have a story to tell..

For lunch today I had Chips and Salsa! I have had this many time before nothing bad had happened until today. So I was eating a chip when it got stuck in my throat!! GAH!!

I thought I was going to die! (my life flashed before my eyes) My friends told me to eat more things to try and push it down. It didn't work!! I was going to die I kept telling them that! Over and over again. They told me to get drinks of water big ones, and I did! Nothing was working i really thought I was going to die!!

I tried to make myself throw up nothing was working!! I was getting really really scared! Then I put my head back and took a really big drink of water. Then next thing I knew was the water was coming out of my nose, then i turned to the trash can and totally throw up all that water into it.

Guess what THE CHIP CAME OUT!! YAY!! I was so happy. But I got my water throw up stuff all over the ground and on my poor sweet friends shoe! I felt really bad!!
Next.. (yes the story is not over)

I took some of my friend's drink, she grabbed it out of my hand and got it all over the top of my shirt! OK I jut have to say name today was just not my day! Plus there were like 2 cute guys standing around watching this happen. Oh man.. oh man

xoxox L

Sunday, April 11, 2010


My friends and I are just like princesses!! :D So who is who and why..
Aurora: JANA! Because miss Jana loves her sleep! (So do I! I almost made her me!)
Belle: Melissa! She loves to kiss dogs and weird things! So the beast is like her dog to kiss!
Cinderella: Emilee! Because she says shes Cinderella! (So am I)
Jasmine: Brianna! Because she lived in Vegas and that's what the girls down there wear!
Snow White: Katelyn! She loves to kill things. ( like the little things on her lap in the picture)
Ariel: ME! I had red hair at a time. And I think getting married at 16 would be amazing! (get me out of school, just kidding!

So there you have it me and my amazing friends!! :D Love you guys!!

xoxo Lizzy

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Big Eye Opener

This past week has been a really really big eye opener to me!!! To start things off about Wednesday we had to go to this thing for freshmen and we learned about re education. ( That is really really sad, if you don't know what it is look it up.) That got me thinking if we know so much about the Holocaust how come we don't really know anything about re education. It's just as bad! Its crazy what how much we don't know about the other country's.

Next me and a few friends went to thins thing called Invisible Children Legacy Tour. We learned all about the people in Northern Uganda and the Rebel War that's been going and is still going on for about 20 years! If you don't know about it I will tell you. This man named Joseph Kony would pretty much kidnap kids in the night when they are like sleeping and then he would take them and brainwash them and after he did that he would send them out into the war. KIDS between the ages of 8-20! That is SOOO SAD!! They showed pictures of them killing people, 8 year old. It is SO sad. It you want to learn more about it go to Invisble Children. com!

Lastly at school we had a mock crash! (fake crash for those who don't know.) It felt so real and the fast they brought in
4 ambulances
4 Sheriffs
A fire truck/crew

little behind the crash there were 4 people in one car and 3 in the other. The one with 4 people they were all drunk and hit into the other car. Killed on person in there and one person in there car. Yes they did have real people playing this out. They had some really good stage make that made them look all buried and cut up it was so gross. But it was so believable. Watching what really happened in Crashes and how fast people get to you. Watching people die right there. Its crazy stuff! I don't ever want to be in the car to get hit of the car to hit the other one. Did you know that one of the most common ways people crash these days is because of there phone. Texting, Emailing, Talking. We had someone come and talk to us. He killed 2 people because he was texting on his phone. It was so sad. I really cant find myself feeling bad for him he killed 2 people.

This week truly has been a really big eye opener. I am so grateful for the life i have been given. At time I think I have a bad life but I don't have it even as bad as those kids in Uganda or the people that are dead because of a Drunk Driver. I'm really grateful for food. I really hope the people that has seen what I have and heard what I have the past couple days it opened your eyes too!!

Love L

Friday, April 2, 2010


My life lately has been full of......
* Lots and lots of tears
* Stress about the term ending
* Lots of Chocolate and popcorn has been eaten ( helps cop with stress and the tears)
* Laughing with friends
* Sad movies being replayed ( makes me forget about why the real tears are coming out)
* Things have been taken
* People being missed
* Changes wanting to happen
* Books being reread
* Grades being given that I don't want

So life at times is very dumb and stupid. Their are lots of time that i just want to give up and not do it anymore, not be here anymore. Then in seminary there was a talk that was given that said "We have the ultimate key to success. The lord our god is with us wheresoever we go and we have the ultimate secret weapon to. There is no reason to be afraid or to be dismayed as long as we put Christ first in everything we do, and do everything to glorify him, we cannot lose." That really made me think. Know what If i do that I will totally win all the battles I am faced with in life.
<3 L