Saturday, September 25, 2010

Homecoming week!

One of my favorite weeks of school! HOMECOMING WEEK! :D :D Wacky Wednesday, Tie dye Tuesday, and Friday half day! :D Then the football game! :) I love football games! :) This football game was probably one of my favorites! It was so full we didn't get to stand in the student sections so we walked around. Lots of crazy things happened, Shelly had boys fighting over her, My hands were cold there for a boy went in for a kiss (ha ha), I made up a song, oh and best part I got to hang out with my boy a lot longer! :) Here are some pictures enjoy!

Lizzy xx

Saturday, September 11, 2010


When I get bored I look up some really random things! :D This time I looked up my future home! :D I love it! SO here is the run down on it, I have the best kitchen in the world, a piano room (T plays the piano), TV room, Home office, 1 room for my little boy, 2 little girl rooms, 1 girl nursery, master bed room, Craft room! (i have always wanted one) Landry room, and a play room! I think its perfect! :D

The house

*If you click on the picture with everything it will come up bigger so you can see it better!
Lizzy xo

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fairly tails

You have heard the fairly tails where a girl in distress goes to a ball or out in the forest or to the beach and she meets a boy who in the end ends up to be her prince charming. Then he returns the item she dropped or lost for example: Glass slipper, her voice, or her life! (he kisses her and she comes back.) Well do you want to hear my fairly tail? I think its a pretty cute story! ok here it goes..

Once upon a time there was a girl named L, she had kind of a hard life, but it was her life its all she knew so she deal ed. One Sunday she met this boy T at church (lets pretend its the ball) He sat right next to her and they talked the whole time. T really liked L so did L!He said to L "Oh L we will be married in the morning" :D But the bell rung at 2 sharp and L got up and said "sorry I have to go now" she ran out of the room and T didn't even get a answer to him marrying her. But L left one very important thing, her Scriptures. He said I will find L and then I will marry her. But He could not find her he looked for 2 whole days. L could not stop thinking about T and how much she loved him. Then a knock on her door she ran to the door but her little brothers got in the way. At the door there was T with her pink ripped scripture case. L ran to T and he returned her scriptures and then they were married in the Logan temple and lived hap ply ever after! :D The end!

Cute I know! :D
Lizzy xo

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hello fellow bloggers! Where have I been you ask? Well my life has been kind of crazy. School started, football games, church, boys, and friends, homework. You know so sorry I haven't blogged for a bit!

Friday night me and some of my best est friends had a girls night at my house! Oh my goodness, it was so much fun! I haven't laughed that hard in a really really long time! We all sat on my tramp snuggled with blankets and we talked about boys, school, boys, and more boys! I just love girls nights! We also text ed each other when we were sitting right next to each other! Ha ha kind of funny I know but it was tons of fun! :) We also ate so much candy my stomic hurt really bad the next day!

I have some of the greatest friends in the whole wide world! I love them to death, they are always there for me! Even when I do something stupid or say something that's not very nice they still love me! :D I'm so glad I have them I don't know what I would do wtih out them in my life! Love you guys!

Lizzy xo