Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Bump

People! Are you ready for a funny story? Well you have come to the right blog my friends! :) 

A friend and I were wrestling. Yes, wrestling that's not code for anything. Why you ask, well we are dumb teenagers and thought it was a good idea, but really it wasn't. We were wrestling having a good time and I was losing then I lost big time. I hit my head on my rock fire place and bam goose egg the size of a golf ball and even better concussion too. Yes, you thought you had the best boyfriend in the world well sorry to disappoint you all, but I do. Yes my boyfriend gave me a concussion Pretty great huh? :) It was an adventurer that's for sure and I don't recommend wrestling with someone who is much bigger then you.

This is the bump 2 days after. Gross huh. (Sorry its not the best picture)

Confessions of Lizzy Brown: I'm just really in the mood to do a craft. Paint something, color something. I don't know I just want to craft something. :)