Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Takes Two

Happy Spring! Oh its not spring where you are, well it is in Cedar City. High of today was 66. Now that's spring weather if you ask me. I hope life is going great, I also hope you all had wonderful V-days. :)

Now I'm only 18 years old, I'll be 19 in a few months but I have learned some very great info if you care to know what it is continue on reading....

Marriage is about compromise. Give and take on both ends. Now you are thinking what does Lizzy Brown know about marriage. Not a whole lot, I'm not married I've only been in a few relationships and none have really worked out. But I came from a family of divorced parents and I read a lot of relationships books. If i could give anyone advice its learn to compromise now, it will be a lot easier when you are in a relationship. That is why I don't think any of mine worked out, I was too set on myself and what I wanted out of it and i didn't even care about the other person.

It also takes two to break two. Growing up with divorced parents it was very easy to get caught playing the blame game. "Well she did this, that's why we aren't together." or my favorite "Oh well you tell him, that its his fault and I did nothing wrong." Wrong, I believe and have seen first handle in my own life and in the lives of people around me it takes two to break two. You can't have a fight and think you did absolutely nothing wrong. There is a fault somewhere, go back and check your work; you will find the error.

Dear future husband, I saw this super cute bunny on Pinterest, can we have one one day? I think our kids would really enjoy one. And if we can't have a bunny lets get a dog. Your pick, I would enjoy something smaller, but like I said, your pick. Also I don't care if we are poor for a bit, lets just be poor together. We don't need big rings, or a big house right away. As long as we are happy, lets do it together.

Enjoy your life people, I know I'm young and why would anyone take any advice from me. Well I've been through a lot in my life, a lot of dark places people don't even know about. I've watched a marriage first handle fall apart, I've seen two people fall out of love with each other, yet the passion is still there. I've learned a lot in my little life so take what you will. :)

Confessions of the one and only Lizzy Brown: I am so obsessed with my hair right now. I want it to grow long long, I love my new blonde color I would go blonder if it wouldn't completely kill my hair. My hair is  like my baby, I love it so much.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Miss Me?

I'm back! I'm sorry I dropped off the face of the blog spot earth there for a little bit. I'm sorry about that. My life is great. I have a really great job I love, I go to school every day, and I'm an O-Leader. Yeah, that will never get old.

Okay people listen up. I've learned a few things and I'm going to share them with you right now.

Its okay to like Valentines day. I've hated it for most my teen life, and this year I can't wait to celebrate it. No, I don't have a man. Yes, I do have some super fun plans! :)

I've learned that 32 days can not come soon enough. Disneyland with some of my really good friends can not wait for this trip.
Also learned I probably should have taken my nutrient class. Every bad thing he tells us could go wrong with our body's i feel like i have it. Of when he talks about a disease I feel like i have that too.... But I LOVE the class. Everyone should take a nutrient class. I've learned a lot.

I've also learned that in five years I have changed so much, for better. Five years ago I was an 8th grade brat who danced 6 days of the week, loved Lucy from Charlie Brown, and all I ever wanted to do was fit in. After that I discovered myself, join theater, found out I decent voice and really feel like 100 bucks on the stage. Being on stage I just felt like a light was shining off my body and I wanted everyone to see me. You think my self-centered? I'm not you get on stage and try it, you will see.  Also in those years I found out that boys are bad. All they do is buy you dinner, tell you your pretty and leave you with heart ache in your time of desperate need.

Now here I am in college refection on my very young life. I don't think I would do anything over again. Everything that has happened to me has shaped me into the person I am. I wouldn't really be me without them. My parents divorce, my grandmas death, my best friend moving away, fighting with my mom, the friends I picked, watching chick flicks, dancing, theater, up to me coming to SUU. I feel so blessed to be here, this school is for me. And if you think its for you, it is. :)

Thank you to everyone in my life. You have all made an impact on me. Even if you don't even know me and just read my blog. Thank you. Thank you for the days you have been there for me. Thank you for making my laugh, or cry,or want to punch you in the face. Thank you. Thank you. Without you I wouldn't be me. And I think me is pretty amazing.

Confession of Lizzy Brown: I think I have a crush on one of my professors. NO he isn't old, hes cute maybe married, who knows. Okay enough of that.