Tuesday, June 29, 2010

As we all know the 4Th of July is coming up! And if you didn't know that you should look at a calender because it is 5 days away, but we (state of Utah) is celebrating it in 4 days! This is one of my favorite holidays! I love the colors, BBQ, fireworks and all that fun stuff! I went to a cooking class today and she had the table set all cute with 4 of July things!! :D It made me so happy! Just so you know when I have my own house with my very cute Husein and adorable kids I'm going to have so really cute dishes and decorations! I'm also going to set my table every day really cute! :D

Her table all set fun and cute

Isn't that so flipping cute! I want dishes like that!

I just love the 4Th of July and I cant wait to have my own house to make look super cute of each Holiday! :D
Love,Lizzy B

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Night out

Last night I had a night out with the boys! Boys = my dad and 3 little brothers! Yeah I wish boys= very attractive high school boys, one day... one day in like the next years that what boys will = and when boys= that i will differently be blogging about it! Something crazy I'm gong to be 16 next may!! CRAZY! oh ok back to my story.. so me and the boys went out to dinner and went and show toy story 3!! Ok that was a great movie and if you haven't seen it you should because it is just a great movie and i loved it, and yes it did make me cry. It was the best ending for Toy Story!! :D Last night was just a lot of fun and I'm glad its summer because that means more fun Lizzy and the boys time because there is more time to do that! :D I just love summer!

Loves! Lizzy B

ps. thanks to all those who read my blog, and i don't think there is very many of you but thanks! :D

Thursday, June 24, 2010


If you havent noticed it is now(finally)summer! Are you jumping around because I know I am! If you dont like summer I think you might be a little crazy. Every summer my family gets to go to Bear Lake! My moms boss has a cabin right a long the beach so we stay there! I'm gettting really excited we get to go in July! :)

Some of the things I love about summer:
*Sleeping in
*Frozen grapes (yummy)
*Cute sundresses
*Laying out in the sun (most the time i get burned) :(

Summer is a wonderful time! And I hope you enjoy my little collage of summer pictures! That very cute swimming suit you see in the piture bellow, yes that is my new swimming suit! ( I just love it~)

~Lizzy B

Monday, June 21, 2010


I'm pretty sure everyone has been home sick Right? Can i just tell you something I'm totally dance sick!! I miss it so much!! :/ I danced for 10 year then I stopped! I wanted to try new things but now I REALLY really miss it!! I want to dance again! That was the one thing I was good at! I mean I'm an ok singer and and ok actor, and we can just say running is not something I'm good at. But Dance I was amazing! Not to brag, but it was so great I mean I really really loved it!! :) It was so amazing! Now I really really miss it! I wish I could dance again but the place I danced at before cost way to much and they aren't really happy when you miss. Well I'm a high school girl I mean I would like to do other things too! oh man I miss it soo much!

Loves! Lizzy B

Friday, June 18, 2010

Girls Camp

I'm home from girls camp, and it was so amazing!! :D I loved this year! I think this will be my favorite year! Let me start by saying all the worrying and stressing about the over night hike...IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! We put 4 people in a 2 man tent and it really was like a 1 man tent lets just say we all were really warm! We stayed up all night and talked and then I fell asleep and this is what the girls tell me I dont remember this but I guess i woke up and slaped someone and said " I was falling off a cliff and i could stop running" Then I went back to bed.. I really dont even remeber saying that or dreaming about anything that night.

Girls camp was just so much fun! On the last day which was thursday we really did nothing my ward made duck tape bags and glitter toes! Lots of fun!! :D I miss it yes we did have to wake up early, and yes we had some drama,and it was really cold and ranny but I loved it every min of it!

I had to leave early this year so i missed testamony meeting! That was hard for me i love that part of girls camp but i think i have to talk on it in church in a few weeks so i'm ok with that! :D

Part 2 of girls camp will be coming that will include a really funny story and lots of pictures!
Loves! Lizzy B

Sunday, June 13, 2010

So yeah

I have fallen in love! Again! But dont worry boy who makes my heart melts in totally still in the pictuer! One of my favoirte tv shows, Glee has this person on it and his name is Matthew Morrison, beautiful man (trust me I know!) So I have been doing a lot of thinking lately! Which if it has to do with boys in any way my friends tell me thats not a good thing.. I just dont see it! But he is really really cute and if he were a little yonger and i was a little older! BAM! I would totally marry him! I mean come on with my eyes and his beautiful hair are kids would totally be the most CUTEST kids in the world like no joke! Oh man! :)

Ok so to bring boy that makes my heart melt into this post Matthew Morrison TOTALLY looks my him! (thats what i have been spending time thinking about) Which is a good thing becuase they are both beautiful people! Can you see it a little bit?

Boy that makes my heart melt also looks like this person in my ward and his cute little family i tell my mom this everytime they walk in "mom that family right there is the furture my family" .. but that is a different story of a differnt post!

Loves! Lizzy B

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Wow so this is what it feels like. I never really thought I would have to go throught this feeling before, but it happened and now I can say I truly hate it and hope it goes away really soon.

You can close your eyes to the things you dont want to see, but you can not close your heart to the things you dont wan tot feel. :/

wow.. wow.. Isnt it funny how one or two words can make you cry or happy or sad or on the ground laughing. Why is that? hmmmm..... well I'm not sure anymore about anything.


Monday, June 7, 2010

My Birthday

My birthday was a few weeks ago and I pretty much had the best birthday in my life! I got to go to vegas with my very cool grandma and we got to do lots of shopping and best of all we got to see PHANTOM OF THE OPERA! Ok this is the best show i have ever seen! We had some of the best seats in the house! This show was just so amazing! It made me want to cry thats how amazing it was! I would love to go back some day soon and see it again! I also got to do lots of shoping! I went to vegas with about 200 dollars and i came home with about 28! Ok yes I'm a shopahic i know! But hey it was still the best birthday in my little life! Hey guess what I'm 15!! :D
The phantom sign! The theatre was so amazing!

Me and my grandma


If you want more pic see my facebook page! What a great birthday :)
Loves! Lizzy!

Craptastic Day

The end of the year should be some of the funniest part of the school year. No homework, doing nothing, watching movies, lots of fun! But for me its been really stupid! We had to check out of all of the classes we are in and that was starting to really stress me out. It should be the easiest thing you just hand them your yellow card but no people would do as the teacher says and it was just staring to get really stressful! So we can just say I was kind of in a craptastic mood today so every little thing i took way to personal. Lets just say today was a really big bluer and i had to go home and think really hard on the day because i really couldn't believe some of the things i was hearing. Like one of the friends said "Hey I don't think I'm going to tell the boy because having him think i like him could really work out." Did she really just say that. I couldn't believe that! But it was said, i was not day dreaming it. Now that i thought about it i really hope that she was joking..... Lets hope i can make it one more day of school! :P
Loves! Lizzy