Monday, August 3, 2009


WOW!!! I haven't blogged for a really really long time sorry about that!! I'm going to try a lot harder to blog at least once a week!! (Poss sh who am i kin ding let make it every 2 weeks or something) Well I have discovered something about myself that i thought i would share! As you get to know me a lot better you will discover i always have a *thing* as my Friend Katelyn says! I'm always obsessing over something and if I'm not I'm either really sick or some has taken over my body and its not me inside!! When I was little the first movie i ever sow in the movie theatre was Harry Potter the first one!! So i was about 7 or 8 till i was about 10 I loved loved loved that show i thought i was Hermione but we all know i wasn't! :( It would be really cool to be her!! Then in 6th grade i was in love with HSM!! 8th i obsessed over Charlie Brown i Love them well i have always love that show but they did a musical at the high school and it made me like it even more!! And now here I am almost going into 9th grade (Woot Woot) and I'm in love with HARRY POTTER agian!!! :D But I'm not in love with him no I'm in love with Ron!! Oh Ron he is just the cutest thing ever!! I want to marry him!! I just stared reading the books and oh Ron Marry me!! Well that's just a little think i thought i would share with everyone!!!
<3 Lizzy