Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Childhood is Over

Harry Potter. The boy who lived. The boy who everyone knows! The boy who everyone died for too! Well as everyone knows Part two came out this morning! It was so AMAZING! Some parts I had to remind myself to breath other part I had to close my eyes so the tears wouldn't all come out at once!

GUYS!! ITS OVER!! My childhood is over! Harry Potter was the first movie I ever went to in the movie theatre i would like to say it was the last too, but its not! :P ha ha! But its just weird to think they are all grown up and I will not being going to the movie theatre again asking to see Harry Potter unless I see it again. Which I will!: :P BUT ITS OVER!!

The kiss. Ya it was great we waited 10 years for it and someone had the nerve to say "Woe" I wanted to hit him so hard!

Ron had to take off his shirt to and ruin the allusion of his super hotness. Its ok Ronald you will always have a spot in my heart. I will still love you even tho your points went down on my hotness scale!

Like my death mark. Ya Kim rocks! :) She was so HOT yesterday! :D

Confession of Lizzy Brown: Good bye bipolar weather of Utah! HELLO warm California beach! :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Once Again Another Life Lesson Learned

Well folks it's been a crazy few days! I can start off by sharing this little message with you. Life changes so fast. I've learned that for myself. One min your feeling fine then BAM you don't feel fine!

So when I get sick. I'm sick, weak and my body sorta shuts down. (Not good) Doesn't happen a lot but when it does there is always a trip to the hospital involved. :( I was sitting in the movie theatre with my family (thank goodness it wasn't a date) and I started to feel sick. Head hurting, along with some stomach problems. Then next thing I knew I was running and I mean RUNNINg to the bathroom where then I processed to throw up. When I was done then I realized I didn't shut the stall door and every women who was in there was just watching me, just watching. Get a life right? Then I sat out in the lobby with my dad till movie was over and the rest of my family would come out. And from the time period of 10-4 I throw up 10 times. Not very fun then is when my dad put me in his car and we were off to the ER.

I got to get a IV. But I was so dehydrated I have no vain to put it in. He poked me 2 times till he found one that would work! :( I couldn't stop crying it hurt! Then I got to come home around 8 and then I slept for pretty much the whole day. I just feel drained and instead of writing cuz my right hand (hand i write with) has a nice bruise and hurts..i typed with my left hand this fun little message for you guys.

Confessions of Lizzy Brown: I can type pretty fast with one hand! You should try it some time!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Few things you should know

Dear future Husband. Here are a few things I think you should know about me before we do anything that will effect the rest of our life's! So enjoy reading and if you don't like me by the end of thing...well we just aren't meant to be!
1. I would really like a yellow launder room. If I can have that you can have your man cave or whatever you want to call it where you can just hang out do whatever no girls aloud!

2. I think kids come good in odd numbers like 1, 3, 5. Thats as High as I go. I really like the number 3! It's my lucky number!

3. Camping is not a vacation. Sorry. It's not fun- if you love camping then you can go I will stay home in my nice WARM bed! :) My idea of camping is staying at a hotel that doesn't have a mini fridge in it.

4. You will not be decorating our house with dead things. They wont hang on our walls they wont sit on our floors, or coffee tables, etc. Once again I'm very sorry thats just not how you decorate.

5.I will not be driving a van! Sorry. I think they are stupid and I really hate them.

Confessions of Lizzy Brown: 9 Days till the Vacay starts!