Friday, March 26, 2010

Forget About the Boy

Pull the plug
Ain't he the one who pulled the rug
He's lower than an alley cat
Dirty rat
And I flatter
Forget about the boy

This is one of my favorite parts from one of my favorite songs! Forget about the boy (name of the song) If you have not heard this wonderful song you need to go listen to it, like right now!! It's from thoroughly Modern Millie. Also one of my favorite musicals!!

We all know "the boy" that I have had a crush on for a little bit well... FORGET ABOUT THE BOY!! I have decided that forgetting about the boy is a much better way to go at this point. I have heard some thing about the boy things that he has said, things he has done and he might be really nice and kind of cute but hes a TOTAL JERK!! The song I keep singing in my head is Forget about the boy, forget about the boy!!

My cute friend Melissa and I made a bet and that bet was " If you can go till the end of the year liking "The boy" I will buy you a shake!" Well and if you know me that's like really hard to like one boy for that long before "the boy" I would find myself liking some one different every other week! :D Melissa gets the shake!! :D She is very happy about this but at first I wasn't so happy I mean I still wanted the shake I also still wanted to like "the boy."

I keep finding myself thinking about the things he said and the dumb things he does and it makes me so mad!! I just need to say this he needs to stop flattering himself that's all I have to say about him. I will keep updates on the Forgetting of the boy! So far day one and I'm doing pretty good!! :D

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Duh, Oh Course She My Twin!

My best friend Jana and I are sisters!! :D No really we are, I pretty much live at her house and her little siblings refere to me as their other older sister!! :D Oh yes and her mom feeds me,once you feed me I'm there to stay forever!! Jana and I also kind of look like each other: Blonde hair, about the same height, Cute, ect.

We got these really cute hats shopping one time and we both wore them to school and we had a few people tell us they couldnt tell from the back who was who! :D We always tell people that we are sisters, but no one really believes us (sad I know.)


Last night at are Joseph Performance we got a few people to believe us! Yay! In this play we have about 70 little kids.Two little girls came up to me and said "hey are you Ellies (Janas little sister) big sister too?" What did you think I said? haha "Oh corse I am! She believed me! But she still had to ask Matt (Janas little brother) if I was, he said I was!

So far two of them believe us.

Then in the dressing room a girl said something about Jana. I was like oh ya I know, shes my twin. The girl flipped shes like " No, NO,NO So Beccas your mom and oh my goodhness" " Since when have you guys been twins? I told her since birth Duh! haha then shes like oh my goodness I see it, I bet you get this all the time!

I'm really not lying to these people Jana is really my twin sister!! So if thats what your thinking I'm lyiig to all these kids, its so not true. Her parents really did adoped me so therefore I'm not lying!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Disneyland Withdraws!!

The performing Art tour this year went to Disenyland and I didnt not go!! :( sad I know!! So all of them are posting pictures and telling me how fun it was and I'm now I'm kind of having Withdraws from that place!! I miss it! Disneyland is truely the happest place in the world!! You just forget about all your problems and everything thats going on and have such an amazing time!! So I posted some of my pictures from when I went to Disneyland last October!! I had the time of my life, we were there for halloween so we got to dress up and go to a diseny part it was so much fun!! I hope I get to go back there some time soon!! :D
xoxo Lizzy