Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This Cant Be Happening

Why oh why is this happening to me!! So I just found out I have strep throat!!! AHHHH Tomorrow is opening night!! So my mom called Ms. T and asked her what I should do, well I have to stay home CANT PERFORM!! :( :( I started cry and crying!!! I cant stop crying!! I'm soo sad,I worked sooo hard and now I wont even be there to perform!! AHHH

So why would this happen to me?? I'm like super super super sad!! I really really want to be there. I dont think its fair!! My grandma said my aunt use to do that, work so hard stay long hours for play then get really sick like week or week before perfomance!! AHHH I really cant believe this is happening to me. It feels like a dream it just doesnt feel real to me!! I'm sooo sad!!!

xoxo Lizzy

Monday, January 18, 2010

What A Fun Day!

Today we didn't have to go to school!! ( Jump for joy!!) At firs the plan of the day was to pain my room, but things changed and I we couldn't paint my room. :( But at the same time I found out we weren't going to paint my room, I get a email from my sister/best Friend JANA!! :D She asked me if I wanted to go bowling with them I said Heck ya!! I love hanging out with Jana and family!!

P.s. for those of you who don't know, I live at Jana's house pretty much. I have adopted myself into Janas family! I call her mom momma Becca and all her little siblings refer to me as there sister!! :D We went to go bowling.... totally packed..badges!! So we decided to go Ice Skating instead!

So much fun!! At first we stated out holding hangs but as we got use to it we all broke away! I have to say Ellie is a better skater then all of us!! I have to say I did skate on one foot!! It was only for like 2 seconds but hey I still did it, and those that don't believe you better you can ask anyone there!! :D

Today was a lot of fun!!! :D I'm very glad for the free day of school!! I think this was just what i needed to relieve some of that stress I've been having!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Pretty Much Live At School!

So this week I have spent so much time at the High School It feel's like! So much time that I think I just might move in there. I mean come on I pretty much live there!! I arrive at school about 7:30ish in the morning, and then I dont go home till about 6 or 7!! Its nuts!!

I love being in plays, Love it! But man they are soo time consuming!! I'm so glad I have frineds there with me or I really dont think I would make it through all the VERY long practice!! The closer we get to show night the longer practice goes, we have one that starts at 9 in the morning and goes till 9 at night! I mean I have practice every day, yes even saturdays!! CrAzY!! The only day I can sleep in and I have practice!! But hey it will be over soon and then I can get some of those hours of sleep back!! :D hehe

Call me crazy but I do enjoy the long hours at practice, most the time!! Everyone in the cast is just so nice and welcoming. They always make me laugh, or smile, or just happy! So thanks so everyone!! I really do love you guys, I will be just a little bit sad once its over but at the same time I will be very happy to get a little bit of a life back.!! :D

xoxo Lizzy

Monday, January 4, 2010

Girl Who Lives Out Of A Suitcase

I'm not just the crazy girl who runs around talking about boys, or spending all her money. I'm also a girl who lives out of a suitcase!! Craziness.... how could a girl live out of a suitcase?? Well I'm going to tell you how I do it!!

Little background on this. I switch parents houses every other week. So one week I'm at dad's and then the next I'm at moms. Confusing,I know that's why my friends always have to ask me whos house I'm at, because they never know. I do have clothes at both houses but sometimes I have to pack a little more because I'm a girl you know how us girls are always changing are mind! :D

So I pack at least 5 extra outfits! hehe Then you have to pack all the bathroom stuff like the curling iron, tooth brush, Brush, and all my hair accessories!! Oh ya I cant forget my jewelry I have to pack all of that too, I dint know what I'm going to want to wear! Next shoes!! I always have at least 3 different pairs!! I know what your thinking.... total girl, why would you have to pack all that stuff.... Think its the stuff you use every day I need to use it too so if I'm going to use it its going to have to come with me to whatever house I'm going to!! :D

So yes all my clothes, bathroom stuff, shoes,and one last thing my I- home that has to come wtih me if I'm going to want to keep my ipod from dying! All that stuff gets to go in my ugly plain black suitcase. :) Ever Sunday night I get to pack my suitcase and get ready for new week!! SO that is just one little thing that I... Miss Lizzy Brown gets to do to get ready for a new week. It might suck at times, but hey that's life and sometime life doesn't always go the way we want it!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Me Have A Problem, Never!

People often tell me I have a few problems, I just don't see them. I mean can you really call being obsessed over a boy a real problem?? I think not!! :D And loving to shop and buy things I really don't need is that a real problem too??

So the shopping thing I can see how that can be a *little* problem but, can someone explain the boy thing beening a problem?? I'm a teenage girl oh come on if i didn't obsess over boys then I think we might have a problem!! But a few of my Friends just think I'm crazy cuz all I love to do it talk about boys.(hey not my problem, they are just so fun to talk about!) And yes sometimes I do make my friends do some crazy things just so I can look at him for 5 seconds! Like one time we walked all the way down this hall, we didn't have a class down there but my wonderful friend walked with me because she loves me. So we get a little bit down the hall and there he is with his cute little smile, walking right at us. Then we stooped and talked and it was wonderful!! :D And sometimes I make my Friends eat lunch place they don't want to eat just so I can see him! :D

I love my frineds they do some some crazy thing for me!! :D My day would not be complete without doing at least one crazy thing with my frineds!! So now the more and more I think about it, YES I do have a problem..... boys are my problem but a good problem. Like the problem I might wasn't to keep around for a little bit!! :D

xoxo Lizzy

Long time no see

Wow its been a very, very long time since I last posted anything sorry about that!! Its a new year and I'm going to work on posting more offten!

So 2009 was a great year. The best year of my little life, I have to say!! Some really good memorys!! From performing my solo for the first time, seening Wicked, Girls nights, wearing curlers to school, discovering there is way more boys to choose from in high school then there was in jr. high, right down to all that stage kissing I did! haha :D 2009 was a great year!! Radom fact, I met Brianna, Katelyn, and Melissa in 2009. I havent even known them for a year!! CrAzY!! It feels like I have known them my whole life!! :D

Now 2010, it better be as good if not better then 2009! But with the crazy things me and my friends do, I bet it will!!!!
xoxo Lizzy